When I am an old man, nearing the end of my time,
I will look back on my life
with the inability of distinguishing between
what was real and what was imaginary.

At which point, there becomes two conclusion:

Everything was real…
Everything was imaginary…

~ Welcome to my World ~

 ~ Ordovich von Ordovich
December 22nd

Legends of the Apocalypse portrays a restless wandering spirit fleeting forward while the fabric of preexisting reality dissolves into nothingness.


*1. Magical Caravan (LISTEN)
2. And Thus They Roam
3. Faded Photographs
*4. Peculiar Sentiments (LISTEN)
*5. Wisdom of No Escape (LISTEN)
6. Conquest of Blood
7.The Holy Messenger
*8. The Grand Overture (LISTEN)
9.Butcher’s Gavel
10. Betrayal of Spirit
11. Grand Epilogue
12. New Chapters
13. To Rosaline

Released on winter solstice. Composed, orchestrated, and conducted by Ordovich von Ordovich during an elapsed time frame in the year 2010. Special consideration paid to the galactic engineers for providing infinite inspiration. Additional dedication to Genevieve Liberté for her wisdom, compassion, and encouragement.


Brothers of Bella is a musical based on Maguire’s quest for revenge against the forces responsible for the eradication of his family.


1. Hanging
2. Foreboding Challenge
3. Patient Man
*4. Maguire at Work (LISTEN)
5. Quest of the Scarlet Sands
*6. Just One Thing (LISTEN)
7. From The Cosmos
8. The Reds
9. Authority
10. Evening’s Terror
11. Without a Grip
12. Generous Maguire
13. Cobble Tree Street
14. Wretched World
15. Lama King
16. The Duel
17. Revolution Boogie

Composed & performed by Ordovich von Ordovich.  Recorded throughout the years of 2010 and 2011.  Special recognition is paid in kind to Geneveive Liberté for her infinite inspiration, as well as playing part in “Wretched World”.  This record is, furthermore, dedicated to the puppeteers of the South Western United States.  May they all meet a sinister fate.

The first Redgrass Opera ever.  Under the Burning Sun deals with a man immersed in a life of brutality, who, after being delivered from several major crossroads, develops the courage to pave his own utopian existence.


1. Overture, the Scarlet Star, No. 1, Op. 7
2. The Pauper’s Prelude
3. Scholastic Machine
4. Long Wavy Hair
*5. Medicine Man (LISTEN)
6. Ranks of the Unemployed
7. Factory Machines
8. Hat & Uniform
9. Going to Be A Soldier
10. Boot Camp Choir
11. Similar Fate
12. Cannon Fodder
13. Intermission, the Scarlet Star, No. 2, Op. 7
*14. A Matter of Time (LISTEN)
15. Broken Mind, Broken Heart
16. Stranded
17. Punch In, Punch Out
18. The Landlord
*19. Letter to the Working Man (LISTEN)
20. The Eve of Upheaval
21. Under the Burning Sun
22. My Army
23. Dice
24. Epilogue, the Scarlet Star, No. 3, Op. 7

Written in Brazil during the summer solstice of 2008. Recorded and released in the Pacific Northwest in the year 2010. Under the Burning Sun is dedicated to the workers of the world upon whose backs civilization now stands.


Take a journey to the far reaches of the universe, where time stands still; where men in feathery beards and women with flaming daggers hypnotize you into a whirlwind of galactic rhythm; where centuries of humanity drip off the celestial canvas.


*1. Dance of the Frigid Night (LISTEN)
*2. The Dreamer’s Waltz (LISTEN)
3. Maguire’s Revelation
4. Death’s Final Waltz
5. Reoccurring Madness
6. Waltz of the Vindictive
7. Magical Caravan
8. The Holy Messenger
9. To Rosaline
10. When Love is Far Away

Composed and recorded in the American Southwest during a bleak period in 2009.  The music captured on this record is dedicated to the magic of solitude; a nearly unbearable sentiment that is quickly remedied with the charming sounds of an old, lonely piano.


The Pandemonium is what we are now experiencing in our bizarre, modern epoch – the mysticism, the courageousness, the love, the heartache, the natural wonders, & the destruction that we are all engaged in.


*1. Black Gold (LISTEN)
*2. The Preacher (LISTEN)
3. Mommy Dearest
*4. Vigilante (LISTEN)
5. Miss Eagle Claw
6. Sweat Shop Boogie
7. War Across the Water
8. I’d Never Fallen in Love
9. Scat Prophet
10. One of These Days
11. I Didn’t Mean To
12. Grains of Sand
13. Cigarettes
14. Some Fields
15. You Are Free

Composed and produced throughout the years of 2008 to 2010 in Brazil, Arizona, and Oregon.  An exceptional amount of gratitude is generously paid to the American Bourgeoisie who has collectively endowed me, and many others, with never-ending inspiration.